O5 Command Dossier

We affirm that we are the original, true Foundation. We represent mainline reality (the original, unaltered timeline). Our humanity must be held paramount over the humanity of any inhabitants of "mirror" timelines. The survival of mainline reality shall always be held paramount over the survival of any "mirror" timeline, or any other parallel or alternate universe. We are the Foundation, the bedrock on which all of reality rests. For the sake of us all, we cannot fail.

O5-1: "The Founder"
O5-2: "The Gardener"
O5-3: "The Kid"
O5-4: "The Blackbird"
O5-5: "The Gamer"
O5-6: "The Veteran"
O5-7: "The OG"
O5-8: "The Commander"
O5-9: "The Legend"
O5-10: "The Raider"

Other O5 Staff

The Administrator
The Overseer
O6 Overseer

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