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THE O5 COUNCILTHE O5 COUNCIL raised this issue on 02 Dec 2020 15:40
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Item #:SCP-6000

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: The original damaged SCP-6000 PCB game board is to be kept in
a standard containment cell at Site-██.All personal assigned to SCP-6000 must have video game experience with 1980s arcade games.All personal who played the original version of SCP-6000 suffered severe psychological and occasionally physiological trauma, up to and including death of the subject.In Order to decrease exposure SCP-6000 is made downloadable.
SCP-6000 is not a computer virus.

Description: SCP-6000 is a ROM of an apparently damaged Pacman game board.
SCP-6000 Gameplay appears relatively consistent with the classic "PacMan". Primary differences are:
Player cannot see what PacMan cannot see
Ghosts behaviors are… unique.
SCP-6000-1 is the blue ghost identified as 'Blindy'.When personal get into the game and play level 1.
SCP-6000-1 will run around the maze aimlessly like it has no eyesight.
SCP-6000-2 is the red ghost identified as 'Screamy'.When on level 2 with 'Blindy', 'Screamy' will
charge at you with a loud buzz sound, if you get to close.SCP-6000-2 glitches from it's glitched form to
the original AI of blinky form the original game.
SCP-6000-3 is the orange ghost identified as 'Slendy'.
Despite to name SCP-6000-3 will appear on level 3 with 'Blindy' and 'Screamy'.
SCP-6000-3 will teleport in front of you at random intervals.And if you look at SCP-6000-3
at will teleport on top of your pacman sprite.
SCP-6000-4 is the pink ghost identified as 'Old One'.
SCP-6000-4 has the ability to faze through walls.
SCP-6000-4 appears on level 4 with 'Blindy' , 'Screamy' , and 'Slendy'
If you lose a life from one of these ghost,one of three things will happen:

  • The game will zoom in on pacman playing his death sound.
  • The sprite of the ghost will appear on the screen.
  • The Game will freeze.

Another Anomalies

Ghost Pacman, and Level 7
When you reach level six, you soon realize that your all alone.
Upon picking up a power pill, you'll notice ghost version of your pacman sprite imitating your pervous
moves.Upon picking up another power pill you'll notice the ghost version of your pacman sprite get faster and faster until it eventually catches up to you… and kills you.
At this point the screen has a massive glitch, and you'll be transported into a 3D first person view of the game.Several people say that you play as 'Blindy' and you try to stop pacman himself from eating all the pills.If you succeed then the screen shuts off.

Loading Screen

When you first load PacM̬̦̩̹̌͢a̪͓̮̼͍̗͑̿ͫn̛̥͈ͅ, you'll be greeted with glitched text and audio.
Following In you'll notice the insert coin message.For a split second you'll notice the 'coin'
from 'INSERT COIN' glitch to 'INSERT SOUL' for a split second.

Discovery: SCP-6000 was discovered locked in a safe in the back of a old arcade in a abandoned
amusement park.SCP-6000 was then taking to technicians for restoration however some event logs
state the horror people found when booting up the game.the following event log reads as follows:

Report 10/16/15

Additional Repairs were completed on original arcade PCB sections N-1 thru R-6.

Technician Casualties: M. Harper (Fell into catatonic state during testing. Declared brain dead.)

New ROM compiled. Noticeable changes:

  • Unknown


Report 4/8/15

Additional Repairs were completed on original arcade PCB sections K-2 thru L-9.

Techinician Casualties: L. Basker (Suicide. Note left by Basker indicates connection with project.)

New ROM compiled. Noticable changes:

Ghosts now emit a faint sound when in proximity of the player.
Level 6 anomaly now occurs on Level 5.
"Game Over" screen anomaly no longer consistent.
Windows compatible download now begins in full screen. Appears to substantially increase subject immersion.

Report 3/27/15

Repairs were completed on original arcade PCB sections A-16 thru A-19.

Techinician Casualties: A. Roberts (cardiac arrest), K. Alex (Missing, presumed deceased)

New ROM compiled. Noticable changes:

Ability to disable CRT effect with "G" key.
Red entity designated "SCREAMY" no longer occasionally remains in one place.
"Super Pills" animation no longer freezes after player death.
Also, in order to maximize potential subject exposure, a Windows compatible download has been authorized.


The Game was then uploaded online and was then stated as safe.
Then in August 22, 2020 a scratcher by the name of ██████████
remixed the game to scratch because SCP-6000 was gaining popularly on the internet by both
'memes' , 'youtube videos' , and 'theories'.
Then one day on November 20 , 2020 a youtuber identified as THE O5 COUNCIL
uploaded a video of him playing the Scratch version of SCP-6000.
THE O5 COUNCIL managed to get to level 4.However off camera THE O5 COUNCIL completed the game for the first time and immediately fell ill.THE O5 COUNCIL reported that
his stomach was hurted.
Then On November 23, 2020 THE O5 COUNCIL Uploaded Two Videos of playing SCP-6000, However O5 COUNCIL managed to
make it level 7.
Recordings of the Scratch version of SCP-6000 and the original version:

Pacman.exe File

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